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It's easier than it looks! Learn how to make your own headboard

Headboards can be expensive, but with a little DIY action, they don't have to be.
/ Source: TODAY

Headboards can be expensive, but with a little DIY action, they don't have to be. Creating your own custom headboard is as easy as stapling, and is certainly a project any DIY novice could conquer. Read and watch on to see how it's done.

Materials needed:

  • Plywood cut to size (see below for instructions)
  • Foam
  • Batting (cut to the size of your plywood, plus six inches on each side)
  • Fabric
  • Nail gun
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • 18-inch French cleat with accompanying screws
  • Screwdriver/drill


1. Measure your bed’s width, then add on four inches. That final number is the width you will need to cut the plywood (the extra inches are to accommodate the bedding). The height of the headboard is up to you, but 36-inches is a standard height. Most hardware stores will cut the plywood to size upon purchase.

2. Cut the foam to the same measurement as the plywood. This foam will act as a cushion when you lean against the headboard.

3. Spray the plywood generously with adhesive spray. Lay the foam onto the plywood and press until it’s secure.

4. Iron your fabric, then lay it out on a (clean) floor, exterior-side down.

5. Lay the batting on top of the fabric.

6. Lay the plywood on top of the batting with the foam-side down.

7. Pull one center of one side of the batting on top of the plywood, pull tight and staple it down. Repeat this process with the center of each side, then staple around the entire sheet of plywood, pulling the batting taut as you go.

8. Once the batting is securely attached, repeat the same process with the fabric. Again, pull tightly on the fabric.

9. Once you are finished stapling, cut any excess fabric or batting from the back of the headboard.

10. To mount the headboard onto the wall, secure one piece of an 18-inch French cleat onto the wall where you’d like it to be. Attach the second piece onto the back of the headboard, then affix the pieces together.