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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Amy Eley

Are you tired of seeing flowers wilt only days after purchasing? Taylor Patterson is here to help!

As part of TODAY's "Nailing It" series, the founder and creative director of flower studio Fox Fodder Farm is sharing three easy tricks to help your flowers last as long as possible. Now you can enjoy that summer bouquet for as long as possible.

Treat your water properly. Taylor suggests adding these two ingredients to the water before putting in the flowers:

  • Bleach. This will kill any bacteria in the water. Add 1/2 teaspoon of bleach per cup of water.
  • Sugar. This will feed the flowers. A pinch per cup of water will do.

Clean up the stems. Take your flower stems and tear off any leaves that would otherwise be in the water. If you skip this step, petals will dirty the water and limit the life of the flowers, so tear away!

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Cut the stems at an angle and place in water within 18 seconds. Cutting stems at an angle allows the flower increase how much water it drinks, so give each stem a fresh chop. After cutting, quickly put the stem in water. Stems seal back up within 18 seconds if they don't have access to water, so go, go, go!