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Donald Trump costume: Halloween tips to get his look and voice

With Donald Trump inspiring many Halloween costumes this year, we asked a professional impersonator to share some tricks of the trade.
/ Source: TODAY

John Di Domenico is no rookie when it comes to looking like, acting like, and speaking like a different person. In fact, it's his job. Di Domenico is a professional impersonator imitating the likes of Jay Leno, Mike Myers, Guy Fieri and so many more. Recently, he's been busy playing one notable figure in particular: Donald Trump.

With "The Donald" making headlines this year and inspiring many Halloween costumes, we asked Di Domenico to share some tricks of the trade. Here are his five tips for nailing your Donald Trump costume.

1. How to speak:

"His thing is kind of an angry confidence," Di Domenico said, adding that "he's a little bit throaty, he's a little bit nasally."

As for the accent, Di Domenico says to "add a little bit of New York."

2. How to look:

Trump's hair is obviously a big seller and it's an aspect that Di Domenico takes seriously for his character.

"That’s why I’ll bleach my eyebrows. That’s why I’ll shave my head. That’s why the wig is constructed in such a way that there's actually a bald spot in the back," he explained. "I want the buy-in on the front end to be so strong that there's nothing that’s going to pull you out of the impersonation."

Not quite ready to shave your head for Halloween? Di Domenico suggests imitating Trump's chin with makeup. "His chin has kind of a circular thing. There's a little bit of recession in the chin," he said. "And his skin color changes all the time. The hair color changes. All these things kind of change. His hair is getting grayer."

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3. What to wear:

To feel closer to his subject, Di Domenico wears actual ties from the Donald J. Trump collection and purposely does not wear a wedding band (something he once read about the presidential candidate). Speaking of which, the actor has noticed a change in Trump's attire since he started his campaign.

"For years he wore the pink tie, the yellow tie. Then recently he’s gone from the light blue shirt to the white shirt," Di Domenico said. "He’s always worn the red power tie, but he kind of retired that during 'The Apprentice' years, and now that’s back."

4. How to move:

Donald Trump is known for his distinct hand movements, but Di Domenico has a personal favorite.

"He just waves," he said. "He’s like, 'Go away, get out of here.' To me that's so New York. 'Forget it, you're horrible. Go, go, please,' you know."

5. How to act:

Trump is constantly being mocked for his squinty eyes and determined facial expressions. But Di Domenico says it's about much more than that.

"If you watch the first debate ... he’s listening. He’s taking things in. But in a way, his concentration level is really, really intense when it has to be," he explained. "You can see when he’s [in] a zone and he’s on stage."

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