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This toddler recorded the most adorable makeup tutorial ever

This adorable 3-year-old's pretend makeup tutorial is giving us serious beauty goals!
/ Source: TODAY

This adorable toddler's makeup routine is giving us serious beauty goals!

3-year-old Jordyn Peralta, of Oahu, Hawaii, recorded her version of a makeup tutorial and thankfully her big sister tweeted out the video so that the rest of the world can enjoy just how stinking cute it is.

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Jordyn kicks off her tutorial by welcoming viewers to her channel and inviting her audience to follow along as she gets started. Such a professional already!

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After a little camera mishap causes the toddler to squeal with delight, she presses on and starts to work on "this eyelashes thing" which endearingly has nothing to do with eyelashes. She continues dusting her face with a soft makeup brush and saying, "I love it."

So do we!

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Her technique then gets a bit more intricate and adorable — she says she's going to "squish" the invisible makeup on herself in a style that is both very original and almost too cute to handle.

We're immediately updating our own morning routine to include all the squishing. Thanks Jordyn!