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Breakfast with Nia Vardalos: What happens when she doesn't have her coffee?

Actress Nia Vardalos shares some funny tidbits about her morning routine as part of our #BreakfastTODAY series.
/ Source: TODAY

Here’s another reason to love actress Nia Vardalos: she LOVES breakfast. As you know, it’s hard to trust someone who isn't hungry in the morning.

Vardalos's stylist, Jim Crawford, confirmed to us that Nia is a breakfast fan, saying that it’s a must every day. Before she joined TODAY to talk about her latest movie, “Helicopter Mom,” we served her up a simple yet tasty breakfast: fruit salad and coffee with half and half. We also got her to share some tidbits about her morning routine as part of our #BreakfastTODAY series.

I hit snooze…

“Twice! I have a two bang rule. Oh wait, that sounded wrong! And there goes my image.”

I like my eggs…

“Over easy, like I like my men.”

My morning pep talk is…

“The same thing I tell my daughter: You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re fantastic — GET UP!”

Without my morning coffee…

“Words would not be formed and I would not be able to articulate anything. I’d be a zombie walking around the city.”

My ideal breakfast buddy would be…

“George Clooney. Because he would know how to make an egg, I just know it!”

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