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Michael Che and Colin Jost of 'Saturday Night Live' reveal their morning routine

You might even learn Colin Jost's social security number.
/ Source: TODAY

When "Saturday Night Live" cast members Colin Jost and Michael Che dropped by Studio 1A recently, we caught up with them in the Orange Room to talk about all things morning-related. Read on for the full scoop, and find more TODAY morning routines here. And don't forget to catch the season premiere of "SNL" on October 3, 11:30/10:30c on NBC.

Michael Che and Colin Jost
Michael Che and Colin Jost.Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

We're going to chat about your morning routines. Do you mind if I record this?

COLIN: Absolutely. Definitely. Do you want me to do my social security number first? Or, what? Do you need it? Here's my social security number.

No, no. Snooze or no snooze?

COLIN: For the ...?

For your alarm. In the morning.

COLIN: Oh my God, it's all I have. "Snooze." I don't even have a "no snooze" button. I had two snoozes going this morning simultaneously, actually.

MICHAEL: Yes. Morning routines. Well, early in the morning what I like to do is drink a lot of water so that I don't have a hangover in the afternoon. I usually go to bed around 8 a.m. So I like to draw my blackout curtains, put on my eye mask, maybe a cucumber or two on my eyelids, and go to sleep.

COLIN: You do a cucumber over the eye mask, right?

MICHAEL: Yeah. And then I call an Uber.

Do you have any morning mantras?

COLIN: Morning mantra. I don't think so. What's that? Yes. "You're not ... a bad person."

MICHAEL: "This toilet seat is clean, right?" Or sometimes I try: "Something's wrong with this mirror."

Is there any one particular thing that has to happen before your day can begin?

MICHAEL: I like to send tweets under my Colin Jost parody account.

Tell us about your go-to breakfast.

MICHAEL: I only eat at Subway. Wait, is this going on somewhere? Where is this going?

COLIN: What do you mean, where is this going? It's an interview. Of course it's going somewhere. It's not going nowhere. "Is this interview going anywhere?" Okay, but, in all honesty, I only eat at Subway, and that's for the record.

MICHAEL: In all honesty, I'm a Pop-Tart man myself.

COLIN: In all honesty, I'm actually just not a big breakfast guy. Oh, you know what I am? I'm an egg-and-cheese sandwich guy. If I eat, that's all I eat.

MICHAEL: Yup, bacon, egg and cheese. Salt and pepper, no ketchup. And how's your wife, Abdul? I'm just giving you the exact order I give at the bodega.

Where do you get your morning news?

MICHAEL: Honestly, on Twitter. I follow a lot of news outlets on Twitter, so I'll just go skim through the headlines and see what's going on.

COLIN: I'm old-school, so I just go to, like, "woman yelling out of a window," like, in my neighborhood. So that's like a built-in combo alarm-slash-news.

MICHAEL: He knows about every divorce in the neighborhood because of that.

COLIN: Yeah. And I'm always trying to push those stories on Update, and the producers are like, "Is it a national story?"

MICHAEL: And I'm like, "We don't care about what's going on. We just want to talk about Ms. Grace."