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Martha Stewart's recipe for a perfect morning: Green juice with the president and a hoverboard?

Martha Stewart has been mastering the art of domestic living long before the age of social media envy and staged Instagram bliss.
/ Source: TODAY

Martha Stewart has been mastering the art of domestic living long before the age of social media envy and staged Instagram bliss. Whether she’s working on her 87th book (“Martha Stewart’s Vegetables” is due out in September) or appearing in the sixth season of PBS' “Martha Bakes,” the 74-year-old lifestyle guru does it all in style.

And yet part of Stewart’s appeal is her offbeat sense of humor and willingness to try new things. Who can forget her baking some suspicious brownies with Snoop Dogg or her recent escapade on a hoverboard after quaffing Champagne?

To find out how she juggles it all (with no signs of slowing down), TODAY asked Stewart how she begins her day at her Bedford, New York, farm as part of our ongoing Morning Routine series.

Martha Stewart
Martha StewartFadil Berisha

What time do you wake up?

I’m one of those people who does not need an alarm because I wake up very, very early, and always prior to a safety alarm. I don’t even know what a snooze button is.

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How do you take your coffee?

Coffee is not the first thing I drink in the morning. I drink a homemade green juice which is made from vegetables that I grow year-round at the farm in Bedford: mint, spinach, celery, cucumbers, carrots, maybe a papaya, maybe a piece of pineapple, definitely a piece of ginger. That’s the first thing I drink.

Martha Stewart's garden grows vegetables all year
Stewart's garden grows veggies for her green juice all year.Courtesy of Martha Stewart

What is your typical breakfast?

Either yogurt or a soft-boiled egg or two. In the winter, possibly oatmeal.

Eggs from Martha Stewart's farm
Fresh eggs for breakfast from Stewart's farmCourtesy of Martha Stewart

Who would be your ideal breakfast buddy, living or dead?

I wouldn’t mind having breakfast every single day with the president of the United States — any one of them would do. That way I wouldn’t have to watch the news.

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Do you work out in the morning?

I work out at least three days a week. I have a large gym at the farm outfitted with all the machines. I like the treadmill, the rowing machine and assorted weights. I also like stretching and horseback riding.

Martha Stewart exercising
Martha Stewart working out in the morningCourtesy of Martha Stewart

Do you have any comfortable workout clothing brands that you recommend?

I wear Track & Field — very, very comfortable bottoms and loose workout jackets — old Lululemon jackets.

Last time we spoke, you were a huge fan of Vince clothing. Are there any other brands you’re wearing a lot of lately?

I still wear lot of Vince, a lot of Hermes, Cos and some pretty pieces from Shari’s Place.

Martha Stewart on her horse, Rinze
Martha riding her horse, RinzeCourtesy of Martha Stewart

What’s your hair and beauty routine?

My hair and makeup are quite often professionally done for my appearances, as well as photography, so my big job is to keep my skin and hair clean and glowing.

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Is there a particular song or band that you listen to in order to kick-start your morning?

The moment I uncover my canary cage, the morning song begins. I have 26 red factor canaries in one giant cage, and they are pretty much all the music anyone ever needs.

Martha Stewart's canaries
Stewart has 26 red factor canaries that provide her with music in the mornings.Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Where do you get your morning news?

I turn on MSNBC at 5:30 a.m. or so for politics, CNBC for business news and the beloved TODAY show at 7:00 a.m. for the day's rundown of news.

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Any morning shortcuts that you swear by?

Do not go to your computer until you’ve done all of the above. Although I now do shortcut to The New York Times just for front page news on my iPad.

Do you have any mantras or rituals?

Yes. Learn something new every day.

What’s your least favorite part of your morning routine?

Getting into the dreaded car for the trip to New York. [Bedford is located a little over an hour's drive from Manhattan.]

Martha Stewart's cats
Stewart's cats, Empress Tang, left, and Princess Peony

What’s the one thing you have to do every morning before it can really begin?

Pet every animal at the farm (except the chickens and the peacocks).

Aziz let me use his hover board before dinner but after champagne Really easy but be careful of antiques!

— Martha Stewart (@MarthaStewart) March 23, 2016

So about that hoverboard experience... Have you gotten one of your own, or would you consider investing in one to get around your farm in the morning?

No, I have not gotten my own hoverboard. My daughter advises me to walk rather than ride (I think she’s right), and the roads at the farm are dirt and gravel, and not ideal for a hoverboard that works much better on pavement. But if Hoverboard wants to send me a couple, I would be happy to use them!

Can’t get enough of Martha Stewart? Join her from her Bedford kitchen sharing her best tips for cleaning and organizing your home today at 1 p.m.

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