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E! News' Jason Kennedy's morning routine starts with wife Lauren Scruggs

For E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy, the morning can't start without this ritual.
/ Source: TODAY

When E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy made a recent visit to Studio 1A, we caught up with him in the Orange Room over his signature breakfast of bananas and protein bars. Read on for the full scoop and find more TODAY morning routines here.

Jason Kennedy shares his breakfast for the morning in TODAY's Orange Room, Sept. 10, 2015.Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

What time do you normally wake up?

I wake up...well, it just really depends. I'm supposed to wake up at 7:30, but a lot of the time, that becomes 8:15. Let's just say 8 o'clock if I'm behaving.

Snooze or no snooze?

No snooze, because if I start snoozing, I'll sleep in. That's just not a good way to start the day.

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Any morning shortcuts you swear by?

Oh, yes. I always shave the night before. If you do that, you can just get up and go. I mean, you should still shower because you've gotta, you know, refresh. But no one should shave in the morning. You'll miss some spots. And as you can tell, I have a lot of facial hair to worry about. ...Just kidding.

What does a typical breakfast look like for you?

Usually, it's a protein smoothie or a protein bar. Sometimes it's eggs. But I like to eat something light and healthy to get going.

Love it. But let's say you were headed out for breakfast and wanted to treat yourself...what would your guilty pleasure breakfast order entail?

I'd have to say an acai bowl because it's got strawberry, banana, granola...I mean, it's pretty healthy [laughs]. But there's some sugar in there.

Got a morning mantra? Any special rituals?

Yes. Two. For me, it's important that I jump on Twitter in the morning to make sure I'm up to speed on stories before work. That's the important one. But what's most important is that I pray every day in the car to work. I pray that I'll have a great day and stay focused. Prayer is key. It makes me calm and peaceful in the morning.

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We love your wife [fashion journalist Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, who was injured in an airplane propeller accident in 2011] and —

I love her, too.

— we wanted to know what she'd order for breakfast.

She's absolutely obsessed with these things called DNA Life Bars. They literally send them to us because they're hard to get in the LA area. They arrive packed in an ice cooler, and she just eats them all. It's honestly hard for me to even get a bite because she's so obsessed.

What's the one thing you have to do in the morning to feel like the day can really begin?

Tell my wife I love her.


Yup. That's 9 months of marriage, baby.