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#Thighbrow: Women embrace their curves on social media

Forget about that all-dreaded "thigh gap"; women across social media are now embracing their #thighbrow.
/ Source: TODAY

It's getting leggy, at least on social media that is. The latest trend taking over Instagram is all about loving your legs.

With thigh gap mania (thankfully) come and gone, there's a new trend in town that embraces those of us who don't have a model-esque figure. Say hello to the #thighbrow!

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So, what is it exactly? The thighbrow is that little crease you get between your upper thigh and torso when you bend your leg. In order to even get a thigh brow, you need to have at least some curves. Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna and the Kardashian sisters have been rocking their thighbrows in bathing suits this summer, inspiring a trend that's filled social media with photos of women confidently sporting those creases themselves.

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While celebrities have seemingly taken the lead by showing off their thighbrows in photos, it isn't clear where the hashtag campaign began.

With nearly thousands of posts on both Instagram and Twitter marked by #thighbrow, the trend is taking the Internet by storm. There are even entire Instagram accounts dedicated to pictures highlighting this newly beloved body part.

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Watch out folks, the thighbrow might be taking over! Or, perhaps it's just been here all along and no one has ever stopped to appreciate it.

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As you can tell, reactions over this trend are mixed. Tell us what you think!