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'Stop judging yourself': Ashley Graham shares imperfections proudly

In an empowering post, Ashley Graham showed her followers she's not afraid to share her imperfections in high-res.
/ Source: TODAY

Model Ashley Graham always makes us smile with her inspiring words about body positivity. But she's also going one step further to make sure her fans know she's not all talk.

In an empowering Instagram post Thursday, the 28-year-old beauty showed her followers that she's not afraid to share her imperfections ... in high-res.

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"A little cellulite never hurt nobody.. Stop judging yourself," she wrote in the caption accompanying a photo of herself riding a bike with exposed cellulite on her upper thigh. "Embrace the things that society has called 'ugly'," she concluded, adding the hashtags #lovetheskinyourein and #beautybeyondsize.

While the internet's normal reaction to such a photo would be an immediate condemnation of the poster along with jeering comments, Graham's caption seemed to make people stop and think. The positive comments began to flow immediately, with followers posting things like, "Babe ur awesome, stunning and an inspiration for all real women worldwide" and "You're so gorgeous. This pic is flawless!!"

But there was some negativity.

"For being a cycling safety instructor, you missed a huge part," wrote one user. "Her tires are super flat."

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"This is an outrage!" another wrote in what we hope is faux fury. "How can she ride with her tires like that?"

We hope Graham doesn't take it too hard. We also hope she continues to share Photoshop-free posts like this one — they're certainly changing the national conversation around body image.