Sharon Stone poses nude in Harper's Bazaar — at age 57

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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

It's been 23 years since Sharon Stone put on a revealing performance in "Basic Instinct," and now the actress is baring all in front of the lens again.

But this time it's not a movie camera!

The 57-year-old star strips down and opens up in the upcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar.

There's no doubt about it: Stone still has plenty of sex appeal! But in the accompanying interview, she jokes about the effects the years have had on her form and ponders just what sexy means to her now.

Sharon Stone in Harper’s BAZAAR’s September IssueMark Abrahams / Harper’s BAZAAR

"I’m aware that my ass looks like a bag of flapjacks, but I’m not trying to be the best-looking broad in the world," she explains. "At a certain point you start asking yourself, ‘What really is sexy?’ It’s not just the elevation of your boobs. It’s being present and having fun and liking yourself enough to like the person that’s with you."

The one thing she's sure isn't sexy is trying to live in the past.

"If I believed that sexy was trying to be who I was when I did 'Basic Instinct,' then we’d all be having a hard day today," she says, celebrating the body she has now.

Sharon Stone in Harper’s BAZAAR’s September IssueMark Abrahams / Harper’s BAZAAR

In fact, she'd like to celebrate it with someone else, too, but she tells Harper's that she hasn't exactly been lucky in love lately.

“I never get asked out," she says. "It’s so stupid. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been getting more brazen with flirting, but I don’t think men realize that I’m flirting. They just think, 'Oh, she’s fun!’"

See more and learn more about her uninhibited life when the September issue of Harper's Bazaar hits newsstands Aug. 18.

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