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Internet applauds fitness brand for sharing unretouched photo of cellulite

Outdoor Voices is proving that cellulite is beautiful.
Outdoor Voices shorts
Zeyna Sy/Outdoor Voices
/ Source: TODAY

Julia-Elise Childs works out regularly and watches her diet, but, like most of us, she still has cellulite. Rather than obsess over something she can't control, the 5-foot-10-inch model rarely gives her cellulite a second thought.

So when she recently booked her first gig for activewear brand Outdoor Voices, Childs wasn't worried about modeling a pair of short shorts. She was, however, pleasantly surprised when the brand unveiled the Photoshop-free photos of her on Instagram, cellulite and all.

"Cellulite is simply genetic and because of my acceptance of that, I don’t ever consider if my cellulite is showing when I’m wearing shorts or skirts. It is really wonderful that Outdoor Voices posted the photo without even mentioning the cellulite — that normalizes something so truly average and ordinary," she told TODAY Style.

Fans of the brand's Instagram page were quick to applaud the move, too, including Instagram user @leahsteinhardt who commented: "Your pics are amazing! Thank you for depicting real women and not retouching their photos! These are the images we all need to see!"

Instagram user @life_and_yoga_with_jenn made the perfect point when she wrote: "THANK YOU for not editing out her cellulite. Perfect example of a woman who works out and is healthy and still has cellulite. There is nothing wrong with it!!!"

Fellow model Danika Brysha took the words right out of our mouth when she said: "LOVE this unphotoshopped image and even more so that it didn't have to be justified or the subject of the image (applause emoji) well done @outdoorvoices (hands together emoji) Nailing it"

In an age of Photoshop fails and flawless images that hardly depict reality, an increasing number of fashion brands like Outdoor Voices are putting an emphasis on more authentic images.

“At Outdoor Voices, we never alter or adjust the bodies of the men and women in our imagery, and only use adjustment tools to correct lighting and make sure the product is depicted accurately,” Ty Haney, founder and CEO of the brand, told TODAY Style.

In other words, posting Childs' photo without editing it was a no-brainer for the brand.

“This post portraying a real, beautiful body felt nothing but natural to us and we're thankful to Julia that she let us spotlight her on our social media. We're overwhelmed by all of the positive responses from our community, and are excited to continue to reach more and more people who stand behind our mantra of 'Doing things together, every day,'” Haney said.

Although she typically avoids reading comments on her photos (to avoid negative commentary on her body), Childs said she's thrilled to see unanimously (yes, unanimous!) positive responses to her photo: "I was pleasantly surprised to not see a single negative comment — major progress in the era of internet trolls!"