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Love Your Body

With 1 pair of tights, woman shares powerful message about body image

Not everything you see on social media is how it appears.

That's the point Milly Smith is hoping to make with her latest Instagram post that has reached more than 72,000 likes at publish time.

Smith posted a side-by-side image of herself wearing the same pair of tights in two different ways. In the first photo, they are pulled up high on her waist, creating a classic, hourglass figure. In the second photo, they sit below her belly button revealing her stomach.

"We are so blinded to what a real, un-posed body looks like and blinded to what beauty is that people would find me less attractive within a five-second pose switch! How insanely ridiculous is that!?" Smith wrote in the caption.

Her first sentence in the post explained that the photo is the "same girl" on the "same day" at the "same time."

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"I am comfortable with my body in both. Neither is more or less worthy. Neither makes me more or less of a human being. Neither invites degrading comments and neither invites sleezy words," Smith continued.

Smith, whose Instagram account is peppered with similarly inspiring photos and quotes, mentioned that her outlet on social media helps her cope with body dysmorphia.

Just a same girl, same day, different pose reminder that our bodies look different in different angles and that it's perfectly ok, normal and natural. You don't need to look like anybody else but YOU ❀ πŸ’› I get asked a lot recently how to start a Bopo insta page as they want confidence. I often come up with nothing because I'm not entirely sure I understand. πŸ’› Are they asking me how to get started on a journey to self love or just how to start an insta page to get justification that their body is worthy in hope it will bring them self love? πŸ’› Before I put my photos and words out onto Instagram I started my journey to self love with myself; I mean it's still a very personal journey but I want to share it now and help others too. I took photos and wrote down love notes to my body without showing them to a soul- it was just for my soul and my mind. πŸ’› Starting an insta page could help you on your journey of course but your motives are what's important- know what they are before starting is my advice. Maybe do it off social media first and get a feel for your journey and what works/doesn't work for you and do it for YOU. Do it for your soul. Your follower count doesn't matter or make you more or less worthy. 10,000 people telling you your pretty wont bring about self love either. It's so much more than that and it starts deep inside yourself not with your aesthetics. Bopo isn't a 'trend'. πŸ’› It's not about how many you can impress, you need to be impressing yourself. Make yourself proud.

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Nearly three weeks ago, she posted another photo of herself wearing tights.

"Being body positive doesn't mean loving your body in a certain pose or when you've lost a few pounds; it means loving every angle, movement and squish right this very moment!!" Smith wrote in the caption.

The self-love advocate said her hope is to show just how common body image issues are and how we can help each other through them.

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With that in mind, she ended her caption with, "We are worthy, valid and powerful beyond measure."

Here's to that!