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Meet the 'real women' on Redbook's cover — and steal their style advice!

Being stylish takes some serious effort. Luckily, the winners of Redbook's Real Women Style Awards are willing to share their secrets.
/ Source: TODAY

For some women, looking good comes easy — we call them celebrities.

But for the rest of us who don't have personal shoppers or Beyonce's budget, being stylish every day takes some serious effort. That's why we're giving props to the women chosen for Redbook's Real Women Style Awards. TODAY's own Style Squad member Lilliana Vazquez was a judge's for this year's contest, and she helped select the winners, who appear on the cover of the magazine's September issue, on stands Aug. 8.

She revealed what set these women apart from the rest.

"They were passionate about their families, their work, their fashion — of course — but most importantly, themselves," Vazquez said. "It's so important to find time to make yourself feel special, even if it's for two minutes a day, and while these women are all moms, sisters, wives, entrepreneurs and community leaders, they're all finding a way to honor their passion and that's really inspiring me, and I think it will be inspiring to women who read this issue."

The winners of this year's Real Women Style Awards pose together.Redbook

The winners also stopped by TODAY Thursday to show off their style and share some real-world fashion advice.

For Rebecca Wattenschaidt, 35, of York, Pennsylvania, it's all about breaking the so-called "rules."

"Don't limit yourself because of your shape," she said. "I love horizontal stripes — I wore them when I was a size 2 and still do at a size 12."

Kelly Williams, 34, from the Bronx, New York, said her secret is strategic shopping.

The women are featured on two separate covers of Redbook's September issue, available Aug. 8. Redbook

"People always ask if I take a lot of time to get dressed," she said. "Nope, because I shop for pieces that are easy to mix and match."

And another cover star, Grace Jeramie, 33, from San Jose, California, said her focus is on looks that lengthen.

"I'm around 5-foot-1, so I look for pieces with long vertical lines, like stripes or exposed zippers, to make me seem taller," she said.

The women were chosen for their ability to stay stylish while juggling hectic schedules. Redbook

In the Redbook article, the women also talk about how they balance family life with their fashionable pursuits, and what their go-to outfits are — we love Wattenschaidt's suggestion to pair a boyfriend cardigan with a pair of high-rise jeggings for a comfy but cute look.

This is the fourth year the magazine has hosted the Real Women Style Awards.

TODAY Style Squad member Lilliana Vazquez poses with Redbook editor-in-chief, Meredith Rollins. Redbook

"September fashion issues are usually about the highest end, most aspirational clothes," Redbook editor-in-chief, Meredith Rollins, told TODAY Style in a statement. "But I think it's a great month to celebrate real style — the kind of cute, affordable outfits that can be worn every day, by women of every size. That's why our Real Women Style Awards are so important. They bring the focus to women who don't have million-dollar bank accounts but still look super chic and confident. It's inspiring. And joyful. And it gives every woman permission to dress the way they feel most beautiful."