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Meet the 60-year-old male model who's taking fashion by storm

Philippe Dumas, a 60-year-old male model, is making waves on the internet for his hip style and rugged good looks.
/ Source: TODAY

Who needs a fountain of youth when 60 looks this good?

Philippe Dumas, a 60-year-old male model based in Paris, has been making waves on the internet for his hip style and rugged good looks.

"Style is more important than beauty," Dumas told TODAY Style. "You can have style at any age. The best examples are Iris Apfel and Carmen Dell'Orefice. They are beautiful women to me. If you have style you will have it all life long. Some beautiful models lack this little sparkle that makes the difference."

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With more than 24,000 Instagram followers at publish time, it seems that Dumas has that special spark; so much so, that his career started with strangers stopping him on the street to comment on his fashion sense.

"I have always liked fashion and it happened many times that people, mostly young people, came to me kindly and told me they really liked my look. Sometimes they asked me if they could take a photo," Dumas said.

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Dumas decided to take these compliments seriously and try his luck as a model.

"At the age of 60, it wasn't really easy to find a new job in the advertising business since it's a very young environment," Dumas said. "So, I went to modeling agencies."

Dumas' large gray beard and well-tailored suits have been welcomed with open arms by millennials, garnering attention with headlines like, "This hot 60-year-old male model will remind you age is just a number."

It didn't take long before companies started to notice. In just one year of modeling, he's posed for perfume, jewelry, furniture and alcohol campaigns alike. On Thursday, he shared that he'll be traveling to Milan for a couture fashion shoot.

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So, what's his secret of late-in-life success? Dumas said it's mostly about staying active physically — "I started ballet dancing five years ago. It is not very common to start at 55." — and staying involved mentally with the world around him.

"Keep a young mind. Keep up with modernity, like the internet, computers, new music. Be interested in what is happening in the world.

"Cherish your memories," he said. "But look at the future. Then you will be happy and wonʼt feel put aside."