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Kate Upton says her unretouched Health magazine cover is a 'step forward'

She wants to share a message with other new moms.
/ Source: TODAY

Kate Upton is used to appearing on magazine covers, but her latest shoot for Health magazine is special. Unlike other professional photo shoots, the supermodel opted to have none of her photos retouched.

Upton, 27, appears on the latest cover of the glossy wearing denim shorts and a breezy, midriff-baring white top nine months after giving birth to her daughter, Genevieve. The baby's father is Justin Verlander, a professional baseball player with the Houston Astros whom Upton married in 2017.

Upton called retouching "the new norm," and shared why she finds that dangerous.Yu Tsai / Health Magazine

While Upton looks as stunning as ever, she said she wanted to send a message about how the seemingly perfect photos of celebrities are very often retouched.

"We live in this world where we are surrounded by retouching, to the point that it has become normal to us. It's our new norm. And then we start comparing ourselves to other peoples' retouched selves," she said during an interview with TODAY.

"For me, this Health cover is a step forward in remembering this is real life and let's not compare ourselves with all of this retouching," Upton continued. "Let's embrace and empower our real self."

"Being a mom is the most fulfilling feeling I have ever felt before," she told Health.Yu Tsai / Health Magazine

Upton, who rose to fame on cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue in 2012, said she especially wants to share a message with other new moms: Stop comparing yourself to others.

It's also the reason why she said she created a workout program called Strong4Me, alongside her trainer Ben Bruno. The fitness plan can be tailored to meet anyone at their level.

"Let's embrace and empower our real self," Upton said.Yu Tsai / Health Magazine

"The thing about focusing on your own journey and strength is that you see the results more quickly,” she told Health. “Instead of beating yourself up about the number on the scale, you notice when you get stronger. It’s a healthier mindset, one that took me a while to get to. That’s really what I wanted to share with others.”

The model hopes women, especially new moms, will stop comparing themselves to others.Yu Tsai / Health Magazine

As for life with a little one, Upton said she is having a blast.

"Being a mom is the most fulfilling feeling I have ever felt before," she said. "It's really unexplainable."