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Jewel's hotel selfie celebrates 'being good with where we are' with our bodies

The picture is quirky and sexy, the message full of self-empowerment.
/ Source: TODAY

Musician Jewel is 46 and happily "flaunting it"!

The "Who Will Save Your Soul" singer posted a terrific picture of herself in a hotel room on Thursday, in which she wore a fedora cocked at an angle and a corset, and shared a message of self-empowerment:

"Hotel selfie ... Vintage corset for the win ..." she wrote in the caption. "This pic got me thinking... How many women have struggled w liking their body? How many times have you (I) felt less than, only to look back on photos of that time and think — I had no idea I was enough? Or feel stuck between having to downplay looks to be acceptable, or feeling you have to be hyper sexual to be liked?

"Who finds the sexuality of how women in media are portrayed to be inauthentic and put-on? Here is to being good with where we are ... and flaunting it sometimes when we feel good!"

Jewel performing at Peju Wintery in Rutherford, California, in 2019.Steve Jennings / WireImage

And not only does she feel good, but Jewel also looks great, and we're delighted to see that. We're also happy to see that she's got some musical plans on the schedule: Last year, Jewel released "No More Tears," a song that was written for the documentary "Lost in America." In April she released "Grateful," and there are plans for the release of her next studio album, which would be her first since 2015.

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"Once (the coronavirus) crisis hit, I really felt like ('Grateful') was the song I needed to share with people," Jewel told People magazine in April. "I wasn't going to be releasing anything yet. I had zero plan, I'm just now mixing the record. But these are the times I feel like my music's built for. I'm built to help create connection, and I want to help give these tools to people."

She added, "My life has been full of crazy obstacles, of insurmountable heartbreaks, and trying to figure out how to deal with crazy situations. I sort (of) feel like my whole life has prepared me to help right now."