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Hoda Kotb's hope for daughter Haley Joy: Be comfortable in your skin

TODAY's Hoda Kotb writes a letter to her daughter, Haley Joy, in honor of 'Love Your Body' week.
/ Source: TODAY

Dear Haley,

Some thoughts about the perfectly put-together you:

• Your eyes: Use them to see the good in people and each day.

Hoda & Haley Joy

• Your ears: Listen for small words of wisdom from those around you (and to music that lifts you up).

• Your smile: Share it often.

• Your hands: Lend them and hold mine whenever you need to.

• Your belly: It will get tickled a lot by the pompoms I'll be shaking for you constantly.

• Your brain: No one cares what it weighs or if another brain "wore it better" so value it and share the best of it.

• Your heart: Listen to it, follow it and figure out what and who makes it beat faster.

• Your skin: Strive to be comfortable in it your whole life.

• Your back: I've got it; always.

Hoda Kotb & Haley Joy
Hoda Kotb / Instagram

• Your fanny: Sit on it often and look around — there's beauty everywhere.

• Your feet: Run, don't walk, toward life's adventures and your dreams.

• Your soul: Float next to mine forever.

Now I'm going to hug your beautiful little being. Squish.

Mom xo

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