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Why this fit mom never wants to be called 'skinny'

Sophie Guidolin, a fitness expert and mother of four, is fighting back against body shamers on social media.
/ Source: TODAY

Sophie Guidolin, a fitness expert and mother of four, works hard to keep her body in shape — but don't call her "skinny."

The Australian social media star is very clear about the difference between skinny and fit, addressing the issue in a recent essay on her website.

"A lot of people confuse my images (and every other 'fit' chick) with being 'skinny,'" Guidolin wrote. "This is a term that I try really hard to distance from myself as I am strong, I am lean and I am FIT. I am not 'skinny'..."

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The essay was inspired by the body shaming comments on her social media accounts accusing Guidolin of being too thin, starving herself or having an illness like an eating disorder. As a response, she's made it her mission to show that having a muscular body as a woman and mom is a beautiful thing.

"A lot of people will also look at a photo of me and say that I am 'skinny' or have an eating disorder, which is so far from the truth as I am so incredibly strong, fit and healthy. I hope that I can educate women to recognize the difference in a lean physique versus a malnourished physique," Guidolin wrote in an email to TODAY.

Since writing that essay, Guidolin ultimately hopes to teach women around the globe the importance of self-love.

"It is also completely OK to live a life that others don't understand or that is different to the next person, that's the beauty of being you. There is only one you in the world and you're the best person for that job," Guidolin explained.

While there are those who continue to skinny shame her, Guidolin mentioned that the majority of the comments she does receive are inspiring and supportive, which motivates her to continue doing her work.

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"It is almost frowned upon to be proud of your body in today's society — we need a lot more self-love. We would never say the things to our friends that we do about ourselves," Guildolin wrote. "It is a rebellious act to love yourself; I encourage everyone to rebel."

Now that's a message we can get behind!