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Fans praise Halsey for unedited armpit hair on Rolling Stone cover

Singer Halsey showcased unedited underarm hair on the newest cover of Rolling Stone, starting a conversation about body positivity and beauty standards.
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Halsey is having quite the year, hosting "Saturday Night Live" on Feb. 9 and releasing a new album later in 2019.

The singer and songwriter is even featured on the cover of Rolling Stone's "Hot Issue." In the magazine, she gave a candid interview, talking about everything from her mental health to her history with sexual assault to her career and family — but in advance of the magazine's July 2 release, many have focused on the cover image, which shows the singer's armpit hair stubble.

The image has caused backlash — and then backlash to the backlash — as fans, friends, and fellow stars, including Demi Lovato, stepped up to support her.

The magazine cover shows the star in a white tank top with delicate jewelry and short, curly hair with unedited armpit hair clearly displayed.

"Why are girls not shaving their pits?" wrote one commenter under Halsey's Instagram post of the cover image. "I'm confused."

But most comments praised the pop star for not hiding or Photoshopping her body hair.

"There (is) so much yes about this picture, idk where to start," wrote singer Demi Lovato, who is an outspoken activist for body positivity.

Musician and songwriter Benny Blanco just responded with "rockstar status."

And plenty of supportive comments came through on Twitter.

One Twitter user pointed out that the photo shows a realistic image of a woman with dark hair.

Halsey even responded to a Twitter user who pointed out that "women are not little babies who don't have body hair."

Similar debates about beauty standards have become increasingly common. In April, Nike aired an ad that featured a model with armpit hair, which some users called "disgusting" and "so nasty."

At the beginning of the year, some women marked 2019 by celebrating "Januhairy" — a whole month dedicated to celebrating grown-out body hair. In 2015, colorfully dyed armpit hair even had a brief, viral moment, when Miley Cyrus shared an since-deleted Instagram post of herself with hot pink armpits.

In 2017, Gigi Hadid rocked a similar unshaven look in a video, causing similar backlash. But the real trendsetter was Julia Roberts, who showed off armpit hair on the red carpet as far back as 1999.

Julia Roberts says armpit hair wasn't a 'statement'
Julia Roberts famously attended the premiere Of "Notting Hill" with unshaven armpits.Getty Images

While beauty standards are constantly fluctuating, it seems like this might be a trend we'll be seeing more frequently, especially as stars continue to shy away from edited photos.