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/ Source: TODAY
By Emily Sher

As it turns out, even dolls get self-conscious about their bikini bodies.

Lammily, the "realistic" fashion doll hailed for having an average body type and her own stretch marks, acne and scars, is starring in her first commercial. The story begins with the struggles many young girls face: Being bombarded by images and messages that revere only one standard of beauty.

She watches a Victoria's Secret-type show and sees other dolls twerking in their underwear. And while she notices another girl's bikini photos racking up "likes" on social media, Lammily's announcement that she created her own awesome mixtape receives far less recognition (at least her mom is proud).

But once Lammily hits the beach, she realizes that other dolls have their own imperfections and are enjoying themselves anyway. That's where the commercial's #DoYou campaign comes into play. All is solved with a dance party that proves body beauty is in the eye of the beholder.