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Iliza Shlesinger shares her (hysterical) thoughts on women, body image and power

"The truth is, it's none of my business what you do with your body and it shouldn't be anyone else's. Women's choices are important."
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Iliza Shlesinger is a stand-up comedian who recently premiered her third Netflix special, "Confirmed Kills" and stars in a new web series, "Forever 31." She told TODAY why she loves her strength, what the quality means for her both emotionally and physically and what kind of platform she'd have were she ever to run for president. Fingers crossed.

My name's Iliza, and I love my strength. Here's why.

I was going to say that I love a part of my body. But women might not find that relatable. And if it's not a "good" part anyway, then I'm like, "Why do I have to justify it?" So, we'll do the all-encompassing "strength."

Because my general strength gets me through my career. It gets me through my day-to-day. And it also gives me the mental fortitude to put up with haters. (I can't believe I just said that word. Strength clearly doesn't give me the strength to come up with a better word.)

I love my strength, physically, too, because I like celebrating the fact that I love going to the gym. Whether it be the gym, or telling a guy to stop mistreating me, or getting through school with a C+ average but making people think I'm much smarter ... it's all about strength and how you wear it.

Iliza Shlesinger
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Marie Claire

So, where do I get my strength from? Well, it comes from wanting to survive and strive as a woman in our society on a day-to-day basis. I get my strength from wanting to teach other women that everything about you is OK, and you shouldn't take any crap from anyone. And because you're reading this, I get my strength from my Mama.

And my butt.

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Remember, girls, the thinner you are, the more men like you because then you're vulnerable and you're cold. When there's no fat on your body, you're freezing, and when you're freezing, you stay inside, and when you stay inside, you don't vote.

One more thing: I also don't want to shame skinny girls. That's great, too. The truth is, it's none of my business what you do with your body and it shouldn't be anyone else's. Women's choices are important.

And that will be part of my platform when I run for president in the future.

As told to TODAY's Rebekah Lowin