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/ Source: TODAY
By Embry Roberts

For some, "aging gracefully" means letting the grays grow in and cultivating a love of flowy fabrics.

For Cindy Crawford, who recently turned 52, it means ignoring the "rules" and making her own decisions about what feels appropriate and authentic.

Double trouble with @Omega in Sydney!

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“Before my 50th birthday, I cut my hair to a long bob but then thought, ‘I don’t feel like myself,'" Crawford told The Daily Telegraph.

She's since gone back to her signature long locks — and with such voluminous, healthy hair, who can blame her?

(Yes, her hair still looks like that. Life is unfair.)

For Crawford, decisions below the neck are made on a case-by-case basis. “I still wear a bikini because I always wear bikinis, but I am not comfortable wearing short skirts," she said. “The rule for me is to do what I am comfortable with.”

Indeed, since turning the big 5-0, Crawford has shared several (tasteful!) bikini shots on Instagram.

Great end to a great weekend.

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Apres swim.

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And skinny jeans are apparently still fair game.

Homeward bound. Thanks for an amazing time in Sydney, @Omega!

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We're guessing that these Daisy Dukes are out of the day-to-day rotation?

#Superbowl Sunday means showing off my @Pepsi cut-offs. 🏈💋•

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Here's to the fabulous 50s!

This was originally published Feb. 11, 2017.