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Busy Philipps defends her skin after Instagram follower called it 'terrible'

Don’t mess with Busy!
Busy Philipps
Busy Philipps defended her skin after an online follower called it "terrible."Vivien Killilea / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Busy Philipps is known for her raw honesty. So when a follower sent a cruel message on Instagram, the actress found the perfect way to respond.

The 40-year-old has been a skin care spokeswoman for several months now, but one online hater didn't think the partnership made sense.

“Some woman wrote a mean post to me about how she’s got to ‘keep it real’ and needed to let me know that it’s ironic that I have an Olay commercial cause my skin is terrible,” Philipps wrote in her Instagram story.

Instead of getting mad, the mother of two took the opportunity to praise her skin.

"TBH, my skin is f—ing amazing and always has been and I’ve yet to inject Botox or filler into it and I’m 40," she wrote.

Philipps is proud of her skin!
Philipps is proud of her skin!Busy Phillips/Instagram

The actress acknowledged that, yes, she does pick her skin occasionally because of stress. "And I am sometimes not kind to myself in stories about how I look," she continued.

But, overall, Philipps is pretty darn proud of her skin and this message from an online hater has encouraged her to give it extra love going forward: "I will take that note and remember to speak about myself like I’m my own best friend. My own best friend with beautiful skin.”

The "This Will Only Hurt a Little" author also found the perfect way to complete her response, adding the following statement in bold, red font: "Also, FYI you never need to ‘keep it real’ for me ‘cause that’s mostly just code for ‘I need to say some mean sh-t to you under the guise of keeping it real’ and I’m not here for mean sh-t.”

It's not the first time the actress has been outspoken about body image and her appearance. Last summer, Philipps fired back after fans claimed Health magazine Photoshopped her face on her July/August cover.

Last year, the actress told TODAY she's determined to raise her two daughters to be confident in their bodies. "Any time I have one of those days or weeks where I'm not feeling good about myself, I try not to voice it ever in front of my kids," she said.

She's also not afraid to post the occasional makeup-free selfie. In 2017, the actress shared this adorable shot with bestie Michelle Williams, captioning the post "No makeup no filters! That's how we roll!"

Beauty and confidence? Yes, Philipps has it all!