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The TODAY Style Squad opens up about loving their 'flaws'

Bobbie Thomas, Jill Martin and Lilliana Vazquez open up about what they love about the way they look.
/ Source: TODAY

This article is part of TODAY Style's "Love Your Body" series.

Finding confidence and self-love is no easy feat.

But once you discover it, there's arguably nothing more powerful.

When we asked the TODAY Style Squad — Bobbie Thomas, Jill Martin and Lilliana Vazquez — to open about themselves, we got a little teary eyed.

Here's what they had to say.

Bobbie Thomas

Jack Jeffries / TODAY

"I can't believe I'm going to say this, but my belly is my favorite part of my body," Thomas said. "I mean, after years of trying to think about foods don't bloat and wearing Spanx and everything else ... the day I found out I was pregnant and having Miles and seeing what this body has done for me, I'll never look at myself the same (way) again."

Jill Martin

Jack Jeffries / TODAY

"I love my hair. It is always a hassle. It doesn't always cooperate, but I always feel beautiful when it's finished, and I thank Louis Licari for making me (look like) a natural blonde," Martin said.

Lilliana Vazquez

Jack Jeffries / TODAY

"Growing up, all I ever wanted was boobs. I prayed for them and I wanted them and I wished for them and, sadly, that never came true. Finally, as an adult in my late 20s, I realized that something I thought was a real flaw of mine actually was an asset."

It's amazing how things that made you feel really self-conscious in your teen years and your younger years ... all of the sudden become the things that really empower you and that you love about your body," said Vazquez.