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Billie's Movember campaign encourages women to grow mustaches, facial hair

Why should men have all the fun?
Razor brand Billie is encouraging women to grow out their mustaches this November.
Razor brand Billie is encouraging women to grow out their mustaches this November.Billie
/ Source: TODAY

Have you noticed that men are growing out their beards and mustaches more and more every November? It's not a coincidence. The campaign, otherwise known as Movember, encourages facial hair growth for the month to raise awareness and funds for men's health causes.

Now, one beauty brand wants women to get in on the action.

Billie, a women's razor and shaving brand, just launched a creative ad encouraging women to grow out their own mustaches.

The brand kicked off their cheeky campaign Tuesday morning with a video that shows the many ways women try to hide their facial hair. "We go through a lot to hide them. We've been hiding them all our lives," the models say as they turn to waxing, shaving and laser hair removal.

As the ad follows a series of women with varying levels of facial hair, the models soon realize that they can and should join in on the Movember fun. "A 'stache is just a 'stache and we shouldn't let our perfectly good ones go to waste," they say.


Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley told TODAY Style the brand wanted to recognize that women have facial hair, too.

"As a brand out to destigmatize women’s body hair, getting involved in Movember made a lot of sense to us. It seemed silly that we haven’t participated when we have perfectly good mustaches, too. A lot of women we’ve talked to since launching (our first ad campaign) last year have said that they felt facial hair was actually the most taboo — this felt like the perfect opportunity to help normalize it," she said.

The beauty brand wants to remind the world that women have facial hair.
The beauty brand wants to remind the world that women have facial hair.Billie

Gooley said mustaches, in particular, were important to highlight because they're pretty universal.

"For us, women’s mustaches were important because whether you can see it or not, we all have some form of upper lip hair. But no one talks about it — unless they’re removing it. Movember is a great way to both normalize our (formerly) top-secret lip hair and support a cause we all care about," Gooley said.

Will you be growing out your 'stache this Movember?
Will you be growing out your 'stache this Movember?Billie

Billie has never shied away from a daring campaign. In 2018, the brand made history as the first women's razor brand to show women with body hair in their Project Body Hair video. A few months ago, the brand made waves again when they turned their attention to pubic hair.

The razor brand's Movember campaign isn't just a conversation starter, though. Billie is encouraging its social media followers to raise money with their mustache growth and the company plans to match 100% of contributions made to their team, up to $50,000.

Long story short? Don't be surprised if you see a lot of women rocking facial hair this November!