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Bebe Rexha responds after online troll called her 'tubby'

The singer clapped back at hurtful comments.
/ Source: TODAY

Editor's note: This story discusses social media posts that contain obscenities.

Bebe Rexha isn't letting online trolls get away with nasty comments about her body. Instead, she's letting them know how hurt she is by their cruel remarks.

On Thursday, the "Say My Name" singer, 29, took to Instagram to share a photo of herself performing in Cannes, France. In the caption, she wrote: “Unapologetically me.”

While many fans responded by telling the singer she looked beautiful, some made nasty remarks about her body.

“You’re gaining a lot of weight tubby," one wrote.

Not every comment on Bebe Rexha's Instagram post was positive.
Not every comment on Bebe Rexha's Instagram post was positive.Instagram

Rexha responded, "Yes I have. Working on myself."

The Grammy-nominated singer, who recently revealed how important it was for her to share her "real" self on social media, shared an image of the exchange in her Instagram stories and opened up about how hurtful it was.

"Weight loss is a b----," she wrote in her candid message. "I love to eat and I won't deny that."

"But you don't know everyones stories. Peoples past, their addictions, wether (sic) or not they take medication that makes them gain weight. Depression," she continued. "So I try not to judge others."

"But this this s--- hurts my feelings because I have gained a lot of weight and it's f----- hard to lose," she wrote.

"Weight has always been a tough thing for me every (sic) since I was a little girl," she added. "But it's a journey and I'm not gonna hide under a rock because I've gained weight. F--- no. I'll work at it and have up days and down days."

Demi Lovato, who often addresses the importance of body positivity, commented on the singer's original post, telling her, "You are GORGEOUS, strong, authentic and an inspiration to me and so many. Thank you for being you you BEAUTIFUL, beautiful woman. I love you."

Demi Lovato shared a supportive message with her fellow singer.
Demi Lovato shared a supportive message with her fellow singer.Instagram

On Twitter, Rexha continued clapping back, telling body-shaming critics they were just hungry for attention.

"I don’t give a two s---- about what people think about my weight. I care about what I think about my weight," she wrote.

"To all the people tweeting mean things to me about my weight you just want a response and you will not get it," she continued.

"Unless you are completely perfect you have no f----- right to talk about anybody else’s body," she added. "The hate you breed that stems from Insecurity don’t look pretty on you."

Rexha's remarks come one month after she shared a photo of herself rocking a red bikini to celebrate her curves.

In her caption, the singer said she could have altered the photo to make her tummy and her legs appear smaller. Instead, she wanted to present her authentic self.

"Here is what a real woman looks like on Instagram without photoshop," she wrote.

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