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ASOS removes 'fat suit' party game after sparking outrage

ASOS has now removed it's 'Ballerina Charades' game from the website.
/ Source: TODAY

Online fashion retailer ASOS apologized for selling a party game that featured an inflatable fat suit after it sparked outrage.

The product called “Ballerina Charades” from Typo UK, comes with a photo of a slender woman dressed in a blow-up tutu. Its tagline: “The perfect ice breaker and party game filled with laughter!”

But British fashion blogger Danielle Vanier doesn’t find the gag the least bit funny.

“Erm, @ASOS — What is this please? Why would you stock something that is clearly marked towards laughing at body that looks like mine?” Vanier tweeted.

Vanier was inundated with responses from people who were equally disgusted.

“As someone who’s danced and done ballet their entire life, it’s garbage like this that puts people off from joining in and taking a class! Dance is for EVERYBODY,” wrote one person.

Echoed another, “This is really gross and disappointing.”

ASOS, a company which is known for promoting body positivity, followed up on Twitter the following day.

“Thank you for making us aware of this. It was never our intention to cause offense, we’ve decided to remove the product from our site,” a rep for the brand replied. “As a responsible fashion retailer we’re aware of the importance of promoting positive body image, so we appreciate your feedback.

Vanier is pleased with how quickly ASOS took action.

As she tweeted on Dec. 6, “I feel like this is a really positive outcome and very happy for their prompt response.”