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'Aquaman' star Jason Momoa shamed on social media for his 'dad bod' — really!

Proving that no one can ever meet the standards of social media's body-shamers, Twitter critics recently set their sights on the fit action star.
/ Source: TODAY

The man who brought Khal Drogo to life on "Game of Thrones" just got dragged for having a "dad bod."

It's official: Absolutely no one is safe from body-shamers.

Jason Momoa visited Venice earlier this month, but when steamy poolside pictures from his vacation circulated online, some on social media decided that his legendary six-pack looked too soft.

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa takes a shirtless poolside stroll in Venice on July 2. MEGA

Forget about his bulging biceps and powerful pecks, which are easy to see, and ignore that a few crunches is likely all it would take to make his abs pop again. Oh, and definitely disregard the fact that even body-building, big-screen stars deserve a break.

According to the body-shamers on Twitter, Momoa needs to work on that "dad bod."

In a now-deleted comment thread, saved for posterity in the form of a screenshot by one quick-thinking fan, several people can be seen calling out Momoa.

"Someone needs to start lifting again..." one wrote, while another said that Momoa was busy working "on his Dad Belly!"

And another commenter actually raved, "Omg his stomach" — and not in a good way.

So how are the rest of us mere mortals supposed to feel about our not-so-hard bodies if even "Aquaman" doesn't measure up? One frustrated fan suggested it's just time to cover up, because nothing makes sense anymore.

Luckily, there's no need for that extreme step, because the shamers got it wrong — as they always do.

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa as Aquaman (2018).Courtesy Everett Collection

Even though there were a few nitpickers still willing to debate the finer points of the 39-year-old actor's physique in response to several posts, the vast majority of the Twitterverse seems to be firmly Team Momoa.

His fans have clearly got his back — and his front and, yep, those abs, too!