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Amy Schumer calls out Instagram account that edited her photo: 'I like how I look'

The comedian and expecting mom has no interest in looking like a carbon copy, she said.
Image: Amy Schumer
To all the Instagram photo editors out there, Amy Schumer won't be needing your services.Jordan Strauss / AP
/ Source: TODAY

When someone altered her photo to make her nose appear slimmer, her jawline sharper and her eyes bigger, Amy Schumer was quick to speak out.

Her response? No thanks.

The comedian shared a screenshot of the side-by-side photo comparison, which appears to have been originally posted by an Instagram account claiming to alter photos to make them "Insta ready."

This is the post that Schumer shared on her Instagram story.
This is the post that Schumer shared on her Instagram story. amyschumer/Instagram

Of course, Schumer, who's expecting her first child, knows that she's already "Insta ready," just the way she is.

She commented on the post, saying it's "not good for our culture."

"I like how I look and don't want to look like a carbon copy of this one type (of) woman you feel is the best way to look," Schumer wrote.

The original Instagram post, and the account associated with it, appear to have since been deleted, but not before Schumer took a screenshot of the offensive post and shared it on her own Instagram story.

"DM me pictures you would like to post and I will make them insta ready," the original post read. "Like what (I) did with Amy Schumer? I will do that for you too."

The anti-Photoshop movement is nothing new — body-positive celebrities have long been calling out magazines and advertisers for airbrushing and editing their faces and bodies to be slimmer or lighter or otherwise more stereotypically beautiful.

But having to grapple with social media photo editors, too? That's a whole new battle. Fortunately, Schumer might be just the woman for the fight.