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Amy Schumer and Aphrodite: This pic packs important body-positive message

There's nothing unconventional about Amy Schumer's body or beauty these days — and frankly, there never was.
/ Source: TODAY

When Amy Schumer posed for the pages of Pirelli's 2016 calendar — complete with a cup of coffee, cute undies and tummy rolls on display — the publication was applauded for boldly breaking away from their usual selection of slim supermodels in favor of a body type not often associated with calendar-girl beauty.

But the fact is there's nothing unconventional about Schumer's body or beauty these days — and frankly, there never was.

Need proof? Just take a look at this side-by-side split of Schumer's Pirelli pic next to a photo of an ancient sculpture of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love.

See the resemblance? A psychology student from the University of West Georgia couldn't help but notice it, which is why she shared side-by-side image on Instagram.

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"So many women and young girls are shamed by the media and fashion industry for not having a flat stomach and not being a size zero," the student wrote. "But look, the goddess of beauty is portrayed here with stomach rolls and doesn't have a perfectly smooth, toned body."

And that isn't a rare portrayal. Just do a search for "Crouching Aphrodite" — or the Roman equivalent, "Crouching Venus" — a see just how many times those rolls were immortalized in marble.

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"I want to remind everyone that they do not have to be a Victoria's Secret model to be a beautiful goddess with a beautiful body," the caption on Instagram read. "Your body is not bad, ugly, or wrong. Embrace your inner goddess."

Several hashtags followed that sentiment, including #EveryBodyIsAGoodBody.

It's no surprise that the remarkable visual and the apt message that came with it were well received. The original post raked in almost 30,000 likes, and when Schumer herself reposted it with a message of thanks, she racked up another 130,000.

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