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Women will go makeup-free at New York Fashion Week as part of new Olay campaign

Ladies, never apologize for being yourself.
Women can't be 'too confident' or 'too strong,' Olay reminds us in an inspiring campaign.
Olay urges women to be bold in new Face Anything campaignOlay
/ Source: TODAY

“You’re too ambitious.” “You’re too emotional.” “You’re too outspoken.”

Women and girls hear negative messages like these far too often — and enough is enough. That’s the message behind the new “Face Anything” campaign from Olay, which aims to encourage women to be unapologetically strong, bold and true to themselves.

Aly Raisman is proud to be strong.
Aly Raisman is proud to be strong.Olay

The campaign features nine inspiring role models, including Olympian Aly Raisman, model and diversity advocate Jillian Mercado, and NFL Network sportscaster Kay Adams.

Olay urges women to be bold in new Face Anything campaign
Jillian Mercado, a professional model who uses a wheelchair, is one of the campaign's inspiring stars. Olay

The women are being featured in ads across New York City, as well as a 10-page spread in Vogue’s September issue.

And next month, the ladies will go makeup-free as they walk in New York Fashion Week, which is apparently a first for the major fashion event.

Olay urges women to be bold in new Face Anything campaign
NFL Network host Kay Adams is also featured in the empowering campaign. Olay

“I think the idea of being marked 'too' something is one that women can universally relate to,” Stephanie Robertson, P&G’s director of North American skin care, said in an email statement to TODAY Style (P&G is Olay’s parent company). “The #FaceAnything movement takes a stance for all women; it says that we are no longer going to let ourselves be constrained by someone else’s opinion.”

The inspiring Olay campaign also features body-positivity advocate Denise Bidot, who in 2014 became the first plus-size model to walk multiple runways at New York Fashion Week.

“I have been told I am ‘too’ everything,” Bidot, 30, said in a video for Olay. “When I started modeling, I was ‘too fat.’ When I started modeling, I was ‘too short.’ When I started acting, I was ‘too tall.’ And just my whole life, I’ve been a little too extra. But I’m okay with it.”

Olay urges women to be bold in new Face Anything campaign
Denise Bidot urges women to be "unapologetically your true self."Olay

And Aly Raisman, who has inspired fans over the years with her messages of both inner and outer strength, rejected everyone who has ever told her that she is “too strong.”

“Women are often put into boxes and judged by society if they are seen as different or ‘too’ something,” she said in a release. “I’m proud to be involved with a campaign that celebrates women being comfortable in their own skin and speaking out for what they believe in.”

Other fearless women featured in the campaign include comedian Lilly Singh, media mogul Piera Gelardi, chef Angela Dimayuga, filmmaker Elyse Fox and Mama Cax, a model and cancer survivor who blogs about about fashion and her life with a disability.

Olay urges women to be bold in new Face Anything campaign
Comedian Lilly Singh rejects the idea that she's "too outspoken."Olay

“Going through cancer and having my leg amputated at such a young age … I was depressed for a long time and did not feel comfortable in what I call my new body. I was covered in scars, just not feeling confident overall,” Cax said in a campaign video. “And I realized the reason why I was feeling that way, or I allowed myself to feel that way, was because I was just letting other people’s view of me or comments get to me.”

She finished her video with a message of strength: “I am Mama Cax, and I am confident.”

Olay urges women to be bold in new Face Anything campaign
Model and body positivity blogger Mama Cax embraces her confidence.Olay

Olay is the latest beauty brand to tap into the body-positive movement. Dove has released several viral ads in recent years encouraging women to be themselves and love their bodies.

And clothing brands, including Aerie and Asos, have rejected airbrushing and featured models that reflect many different body types.

With its Face Anything campaign, Olay is the latest major brand to urge women to embrace their natural beauty and strength — rather than conform to some unrealistic ideal of what it means to be a woman.

“We are excited to stand together against these ‘too’ judgments to embrace who we are as women and how we define (ourselves),” Robertson said.