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This 95-year-old model is taking over the internet

It's not every day you see a 95-year-old modeling a cold-shoulder top on Instagram — but thanks to Ernestine Stollberg it could be.
/ Source: TODAY

It's not every day you see a 95-year-old modeling a cold-shoulder top on Instagram — but thanks to Ernestine Stollberg, it could be.

The stylish superwoman is a natural embodiment of #goals and people in her hometown of Vienna started to take note. The owners of a Vienna-based store called Park got to know her over several years, but it wasn't until June of 2016 that they discovered her potential as a model.

"She just lives around the corner of our shop," Markus Strasser, one of the shop's co-owners, told TODAY via email. "When we got a little puppy two and a half years ago, she basically moved into our shop with the puppy ... we became friends."

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Over the past summer, Strasser discovered that Stollberg had been a dancer when she was younger and figured she had some experience in front of the camera. "I asked her if she would be interested in taking pictures of a few looks and she immediately was crazy about the idea," Strasser said.

Since then, Stollberg has modeled more than 100 looks for the shop (with Strasser snapping away on his iPhone) and gained thousands of fans online.

"If I put something elegant on her, she immediately becomes this sophisticated woman and if I style her in something cool or trashy she gets that emotion across very quickly," he said. "She just understands the look and transports the right attitude with it."

Strasser told TODAY that Stollberg is flattered by her recent Instagram success, but she isn't as interested in the attention. "She always says 'I never understood why people are interested in me, but somehow it had always been like that. I do not see myself as something so special,'" he said.

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For Strasser's part, he's really moved by the response the photos have been getting online. "Somehow this really fits in our times, where older people are mostly not shown anymore," he said. "Especially in times where the beauty industry forces us so much in always wanting to look younger and younger ... natural beauty will always stay."

We couldn't agree more. Keep doing you, Ernestine Stollberg!