Unique Christmas decorations bring joy to hospitals, and more from 5 LittleThings TODAY

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Spending the holidays in a hospital isn't easy, but it helps when staffers spread good (humorous) cheer with decorations. LittleThings.com shares their pics and other popular stories.

1. Holiday cheer looks a little different at this hospital and we love it!

If you work in a medical field, you have to deal with some pretty heavy issues, and that means you need serious fortitude — and a wicked sense of humor. Check out the way some hospitals are decking their halls, medical style. It’s pretty great, and it’s certainly a unique take on holiday decorating!

The Purple Quiltopotamus

2.Driver’s attempt to uproot a massive tree takes a hilarious turn

On August 19, 2015, a highly ambitious homeowner trying to bring down a massive tree in his yard in Julian, North Carolina — using nothing but the horsepower of a Dodge truck. With his wife behind the camera, the resulting video reveals a surprising twist that’s now going viral with more than 1 million views on YouTube.

3. Mom tracks down sperm donor and falls in love with him

After Aminah Hart's babies passed away from a rare genetic condition, the single 42-year-old thought she would never have a healthy child. In 2011, Aminah chose the sperm donation of a man named Scott Andersen. Soon after she gave birth to Leila, a healthy baby girl. But it was when the two finally met in 2013 that their lives really changed. See their incredible love story below.

4. The way you snooze with your pet reveals this about your relationship

This exclusive look at pet-owner relationships examines just what your sleeping position with your pet truly reveals.

Maya Borenstein/ LittleThings.com

5. Artists sculpt dazzling shapes out of nothing but ice

Some people like to take their winter talents to the next level, and that’s where ice sculptures come in. Despite the challenges, it has a large following, and ice sculpting festivals and competitions are held around the world. Check out some ice sculptures.

La Priz via Flickr