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Bullied teen uses selfie stick to create powerful PSA, and more from 5 LittleThings TODAY

One 14-year-old teen decided to take a different approach to speak out about bullying. is sharing his powerful and story and other inspiring ones.

1. Bullied teen boy creates powerful PSA using a selfie stick

Millions of kids are bullied every single day. Ryan Wiggins is one of them. The 14-year-old teen from Hertfordshire, Britain, suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. Kids at school are merciless, labeling him “nerdy” and “gay.” Ryan could either suffer in silence or speak out — and he chose the latter. In the short film “Tomorrow,” Ryan takes us through a typical day.

2. The incredible transformation of Barbie from 1959 to today

The Barbie doll has been a childhood staple across the globe for the past 60 years. Scroll though below to see just how Barbie became one of one of the world’s most beloved toys.

Mark Lennihan / AP
Barbie Video Girl Doll is shown at the American International Toy Fair, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010, in New York. The doll, which is to retail for $50 beginning in July, has a video camera built-in to her necklace and an LCD video screen in her back. Barbie has a USB port in her back so you can playback the video on a computer or TV. For the first time in 56 years, Barbie will be able to wear flats.

3. Artist creates stunning sculptures using nothing but snow

Take a look at several types of majestic snow sculptures that have been crafted by crazy talented people — some anonymous and some sought after around the world.

Bartz Snow Sculptures/ Facebook

4. Bake a cake with frosting in every bite

In an exclusive video below, learn how make this delectable red velvet dessert in just a few easy steps — all from using store-bought cake mix.


5. Seven ways to help stray or feral cats survive the winter

With just a few simple tips, and some diligence, you can help a cat survive the winter — and you don’t even have to be a cat person!