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How often should you wash your pajamas? Martha Stewart has the answer

Martha Stewart joins the TODAY anchors in weighing in about how often you should wash your sleepwear.
/ Source: TODAY

As the debate roils the internet, the TODAY anchors weighed in before asking the ultimate authority for a verdict on a burning question: How often do you wash your pajamas?

To be clear, "pajamas" can mean any kind of clothes that you sleep in regularly, from T-shirts to boxer shirts to old-fashioned pajamas.

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One side of the debate says that pajamas are like jeans and don't need to be washed regularly.

The opposing side is that they should be treated like any other clothes you wore for eight straight hours and washed frequently.

A survey of nearly 2,500 people ages 18 to 30 by British mattress company Ergoflex found that the average time men wear pajamas without washing them is 13 nights, and for women it's 17 nights. (Editor's note: Eww).

The TODAY anchors are definitely not in that group.

"I wash them like I would wash a T-shirt that I wash every day,'' Carson Daly said. "I wash them pretty often."

"I wear a T-shirt and I wash it every day,'' Hoda Kotb said.

Al Roker is a T-shirt and boxers man, and he swaps those out for fresh ones daily.

Matt Lauer is politely staying out of it.

"I don't wear jammies,'' he said. "I recuse myself from this discussion. I wear underwear. I tend to wash those every day."

How about you? Let us know.

To settle the issue, TODAY brought in housekeeping authority Martha Stewart on the phone for her expert opinion.

"I'm so happy that you have such a very clean group of correspondents there,'' she said. "I absolutely suggest you wash your pajamas, your nightgowns, your underwear, whatever you sleep in, every day."

Matt then asked Stewart what type of sleepwear she prefers.

"I sleep in a beautiful, sexy nightie," she said.

And you can rest assured that it's been washed that day.

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