Holidays Made Easy

Think you need to buy an extended warranty with that gift? Think again.

While holiday shopping, you may find the pressure to purchase extended warranties especially intense. But try and resist the temptation, at least until you do some research and consider Money Rule #79, which goes: If you can’t afford to replace it, insure it; if you can afford to replace it, don’t insure it.

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A sales clerk may be particularly insistent on your purchasing a warranty for a friend or family member's gift, but bear in mind that he or she is probably well compensated to make that pitch. Then think about the following:

  • You may already have a year’s worth of coverage. The manufacturer’s warranty is often for that amount of time. Make sure you know what you already have before you pay for more.
  • Paying with the right credit card can double that. Many credit cards double a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 12 months — but note, you’ll need both your original receipt and, sometimes, a repair estimate, to get the money back.
  • Many repairs cost less than the extended warranties do. If the price of the extended warranty is close to half of the price of the product itself, that’s generally a signal to pass.

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