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Safety comes first. Here are some home security gifts to check out this holiday

Protect the people you love by giving them some home security gifts this holiday season.
/ Source: TODAY

Why not protect the people you love by giving them some extra security this holiday season? Here are a few gift ideas to add to the list:

Hand setting the away code on home alarm security panel.Tom Baker
  • A home security camera. tested six of the latest models and recommend the $199 Nest Cam from Nest Labs. The camera’s motion sensors record a video clip and send a push notification to your smartphone activity is detected in a home that should be empty. It will also alert to loud noises like a breaking window.
  • An alarm you can set up yourself. CNET recommends the iSmartAlarm, priced at $199. The decice includes a motion detector, two contact sensors, two remote tags for arming and disarming the system, and a built-in panic alarm. Note: It won’t call the police like systems with live monitoring do, but instead texts the owner with an alert.
  • Smart locks. Ever struggled to find your keys while carrying a bag of groceries, etc.? A smart lock will come in handy. These can detect your presence via a Bluetooth connection on your phone or a key fob and unlocks your door when you approach. The reviewers at and CNET recommend the $194 August Smart Lock, compatible with Android and iOS.

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