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Resolve to make money off your clutter! Tips on selling clothes, CDs, and more

/ Source: TODAY

There’s gold in them thar CDs (and DVDs, blue rays, and video games)! There’s also value hanging in your old technology, and those tired clothes cluttering your closet.

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This year, make a resolution to pocket the remaining value in stuff you’re looking to unload. These websites can help: A place to sell your CDs, DVDs, blue rays, and video games. Scan the bar codes on your items to learn the value, ship them in (the site pays shipping) and the money will be direct deposited in your account or sent to you via check the next day. List the items in your closet you want to unload (good photos help). Once they sell, the site will send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping kit so you can send your merchandise on it’s way. They take 9 percent commission on each sale. Type the technology device (name, model number, condition) into the site for a price quote. If you're satisfied, print out a free UPS shipping label and send it in. Get paid by PayPal, check, prepaid card, or Target gift card. You cal also turn the device in at a local Target for immediate store credit. Some gift cards we just never get around to redeeming. Sell them, instead. You won’t get full value, but you’ll get something, which is, of course, better than carrying around a piece of plastic.