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7 holiday party hacks to make your small space feel huge

Holiday party tips from the experts at BuzzFeed Nifty.
/ Source: BuzzFeed

Hosting holiday get-togethers can be stressful, particularly if you're trying to cram a lot of people (or food) into a small space.

Magically make more room with these handy hacks, which BuzzFeed Nifty's Erin Phraner stopped by to share with TODAY.

1. Space-saving wine glass dip bowl

Struggling to fit all your dishes on a crowded or small table? Make more room by turning a wine glass into a dip bowl! Simply place a wine glass inside a larger serving dish, and fill it with your choice of dip. Then add chips or vegetables to the dish below.

2. Store condiments in a cooler

Running out of room in the fridge? Remove non-essential items, like condiments, and store them in a cooler during the party. This gives you plenty of room for the things you actually need on hand, like drinks and other party supplies.

3. Hack your coat hangers

Winter get-togethers can mean piles of messy coats, but not with this trick. First, loop a chain over the hook of a hanger. Then you can hang additional jackets (on additional hangers) vertically down the chain, so you can actually fit your guests' outerwear in your hall closet. We like plastic because its lightweight, but you can use any kind of chain for this. Fit eight to 10 coats in the same space as one!

Bonus: This saves you the hassle of having to make your bedroom or laundry room look presentable if that's where you usually throw extra coats!

4. Upgrade your folding table

Recreate the look of a fancy farmhouse table for about $50 with this trick! You'll need:

  • Folding table
  • Spray paint
  • 3 pine wood planks — when the planks are placed together there should be a 1-inch (2.54 cm) overhang on the table's length and 6-inch (15.24 cm) overhang on the width of the table
  • Side panels — two the width of the table's wooden top, and two the length of the table’s wooden top
  • Liquid nails
  • Sand paper
  • Stain
  • Brush

Cloth Instructions: Unfold table, putting the table top on the floor and spray paint the legs. Allow time for the paint to dry and then flip the table right side up. Apply a line of liquid nails horizontally across the whole table on the first third, and place the first plank on top. Press down on the plank to make sure it is securely attached to the table top. Apply another line of liquid nails along the second third of the table, and one along the inner edge of your first plank. Place the second plank down and repeat with the third plank. Tape the planks and folding table tightly together and leave to dry according to the liquid nails' directions. Prepare the side panels of wood by drilling pilot holes along the whole planks. Once the table top is dry, remove the tape and screw side panels onto the underside of the planks.Using sandpaper, go over your wood until it is smooth. Wipe down to remove any dust. Using a paint brush, stain the whole wooden table top and wipe off any excess stain. Allow to dry according to the directions on your product. After your meal, easily fold away and store it for next time!

Pro tips: Many hardware stores will cut the wood for you! Pick paint and stain colors to match your decor at home — we used Minwax stain in Walnut to create the rich, dark color seen in this demo.

5. Cutting board counter space

There's never enough prep space in the kitchen during the holidays. But who knew your sink could double as more counter space? Just cover the sink with an extra large cutting board (or two) and chop away! An added bonus to an oversized cutting board: It can double as a serving platter.

6. Wrap extra cookies to go

Send your guests home with a delicious — and decorated — party favor by packing up extra cookies in custom giftwrapped chip cans. Simply save your empty chip cans, rinse, and let dry. Then use wrapping paper or festive scrapbook paper to decorate the outside of the cans. Separate layers of cookies with cupcake liners, add a ribbon to the outside, and label for your guests to take home.

7. Fancy folding chairs

There's no shame in using folding chairs, especially when they look this cute! With this hack you can dress up your overflow seating so your guests feel right at home. Here's what to do:

Remove the pads from folding chairs. Spray paint the body of the chair using your choice of spray paint. Lay the pads on fabric of your choice (you can pick a print that matches your home) and cut around the shapes, leaving a 1-2 inch overhang. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the back of the pads. Return the pads to the chairs. You can even paint the bottom of the chairs with chalkboard paint and write a message like "Grab a seat!" to encourage guests to find a spot.Hang them on L brackets in your basement or garage so they're out of the way but always ready for your next party.