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The holidays can be heavy! Here's how to avoid extra baggage fees at the airport

Save some space?— and money — with the following packing tips:
/ Source: TODAY

Are you dreading the scale…for your luggage at the airport check-in?

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, US-based airlines racked up a total of $3.5 billion in baggage fee revenue last year.

Consider the following tips to avoid extra baggage fees:

'Spanx' your suitcase: Avoid an extra bag fee by investing in a product that compresses your clothes (i.e. vacuum bags), like Pack-It Specter Compression Cubes from Eagle Creek or these Sharper Image Travel Compression Bags.

Weigh-in before you go to the airport: Know what your bag weighs before you head to the airport. If you weigh your bag six times and get 48 pounds each time, but the airport scale tallies 51, ask the agent to weigh it on a different scale. (Hint: wear a big smile).

Go in knowing which items you might have to move. You may need to quickly move some items from your checked bag into your carry-on. Place these at the top of your checked bag for easy access, and leave some room in your carry-on for them.

Know the fees before you fly: Gate agents may accidentally misquote or charge you a higher fee, especially if the baggage fee structure is new or confusing. Print a copy of the airlines’ baggage fee policy, just in case.

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