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Buying a bit too much for yourself this holiday? Here's how to cut back

Buying a little too much for yourself this holiday season? Use these strategies to cut back on the personal buys.
/ Source: TODAY

Most of our holiday shopping revolves around other people, but often we end up buying stuff for ourselves, too. If you’re looking to cut back on the self-gifting this year, try the following strategies:

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  • One in/One out: I love this rule because it also cuts down on stuff in general. Before you can buy yourself say, another pair of boots, you must get rid of one pair you already own. Ideally you can try to sell the old pair to a consignment store or online, and use the money to defray the cost of the next purchase.
  • Give yourself a discretionary “gimme”: Figure out exactly how much spare cash you can use to treat yourself with per week or per month. Allow yourself that money to use to buy what you like, but don't justify spending more than that allotment. If you want to buy something that costs more, save up for a couple of weeks to do it.
  • Make a no-cost plan to boost your mood. If you find yourself shopping to fill an emotional void or to de-stress, try to do something else that’ll make you happy. Exercise, volunteer, or simply invite a favorite friend over for a cup of coffee.
  • Keep a 30-day list: If there’s something you want to buy but can't really afford at that moment, put it on a list. Consult the list 30 days later. If you still really want that item a month later, then consider the buy. Most of the time, though, that item will have been long forgotten.

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