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3 DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces for under $20 each

In need of Thanksgiving table ideas? These easy-as-pie centerpieces use items from around your home!
/ Source: TODAY

Now here's something for which to be thankful: easy-as-pie centerpieces you can make using items you already have at home!

If you're usually too consumed with the turkey and mashed potatoes, don't fret. I've got a few easy ideas for Thanksgiving table centerpieces that you can whip up at the last minute.

I've tried to save money on everything from beauty to home decor with the goal of spending less than $20, so I've made sure you won't have to worry about breaking the bank just to impress your guests!

I gathered items I already had at home and picked up a few craft supplies to make three different centerpiece options for your Thanksgiving table.

1. Spray-painted pumpkins

The first and easiest to pull off? Spray-painted pumpkins!

And just like that, you've got yourself a centerpiece! TODAY

I took my old Halloween pumpkins (Can you say "deal alert"?!) and spray-painted them gold. They instantly become much more festive!

Pro tip: White pumpkins work better as a base for gold paint.

From there, I cut little leaves out of brown sandwich bags, wrote the names of my guests on the leaves and fastened the name tags to each pumpkin using a piece of twine. Simple enough!

2. Mason jar masterpieces

The next centerpiece idea requires a little more attention because you'll be using a hot glue gun.

Adding leaves to your old Mason jars? Game-changer for fall festivities! TODAY

Grab those old Mason jars you've got stashed away and glue fake (or real!) leaves to cover the entire outside of the jar.

Pro tip: Use lighter-colored leaves around the bottom so that the candlelight shines through easily.

Once the jar is covered, use a piece of twine, ribbon or string and finish the look with a bow.

Pop a tea light in the bottom of your jar and you've got a really pretty centerpiece!

3. Pilgrim hat pot

And feast your eyes on this beauty: a DIY pilgrim hat!

Now here's an option if you really want to go all out!TODAY

I started with a black flower pot and black serving tray to make things a little easier.

From there, I painted a wide, white strip along the top of the pot to highlight what would eventually be the base of the hat.

Using a few pieces of felt and a fake pine cone, I crafted a simple flower and glued it to the front. I then flipped the pot upside-down, glued it to the serving tray and voila!