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/ Source: TODAY
By Donna Freydkin

At TODAY we take care to recommend items we hope you’ll enjoy! Just so you know, TODAY may get a small share of the revenue.Using interviews with specialists, online reviews and personal experience, TODAY editors, writers and experts take care to recommend items we really like and hope you’ll enjoy! TODAY does have affiliate relationships with various online retailers. So, while every product is independently selected, if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the revenue.

Most of us can't imagine getting out of bed without a cup of it.

Yes, we're talking about coffee, and naturally, it gets own day dedicated to all things java. This year, it's on Sept. 29. Sure, you can drink it hot or cold, iced or foamed, on the go or at your desk. But you can also scrub your body with it, wear it on your feet, and exfoliate with it.

Here are but a few of our favorite coffee-centered buys.

  • 1. Edible Beauty Gold Rush Eye Balm, $61, Sephora

The coffee extract in this luxe cream helps your eyes look less puffy.

  • 2. Arabica Coffee Scrub, $13, Amazon

Also available for $17 at Walmart.

Get that extra kick during your morning shower with this scrub.

  • 3. AirWaves Love You a Latte-Ladies Long Sleeve Tee, $25, Walmart

Also available at Jet.

Now, you can wear your heart (or caffeine) on your sleeve.

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Also available at Macy's

Green coffee extracts help purify the skin, and who doesn't want that?

  • 6. Shark Week Cookie Dunk Mug, $18, Amazon

Have a cookie with your coffee. Two things that go great together!

  • 7. Russell Hobbs Coffeemaker, $80, Amazon

The classic British brand is finally sold in the U.S., and this coffee maker is retro-cute.

  • 8. Estee Lauder Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules, $112, Birchbox

Also available at Sephora.

These look almost edible, and help refresh your skin thanks to the addition of coffee Arabica.

  • 10. Homesick Scented Candle, Puerto Rico, $30, Amazon

The candle is beautiful, and the scent of coffee is heady and comforting.

Show some love to your favorite breakfast combination with these studs.

  • 10. Harper + Ari Coffee Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, $24, Dermstore

Grab one of these babies and exfoliate your entire body.

  • 11. Hotsox Women's Coffee Crew Socks, $6, Hotsox

We also love this hilarious sock trio for $10 from Amazon.

Never leave home without your morning coffee.

  • 12. Frank Body Lip Balm, $10, Ulta

Also available at Bloomingdale's.

Gives your pout a little shine, plus a dose of caffeine plumpness.

  • 13. Tom Ford Private Blend Café Rose Eau de Parfum, $235, Nordstrom

Also available at Sephora.

One of the headiest, richest, most captivating scents we've ever smelled.

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