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Sing it, Craig! Watch Craig Melvin join gospel star Kirk Franklin in song

Craig Melvin showed off his singing voice by joining Kirk Franklin in an impromptu rendition of a Franklin song Craig sang as a youth in his church choir.
/ Source: TODAY

Take us to church, Craig!

TODAY co-host Craig Melvin showed off a snippet of his singing voice on Tuesday when he joined gospel superstar Kirk Franklin in an impromptu version of a Franklin song that Craig once sang as a young member of his church choir.

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"I was in the New Life Baptist Church choir (in South Carolina), and there was a song that was the first Kirk Franklin song I came to know and love," Craig said on the 3rd hour of TODAY Tuesday. "And it was 'Why We Sing.' So I'm going to ask the question, why do..."

"Why don't you give me a little bit," Franklin interjected. "Go on and give me a little bit for the brothers and sisters. Come on, give me some."

Franklin played a piano backing as Craig sang, "Someone asked a question/Why do we sing?/When we lift our hands to Jesus/What do we really mean?/Someone may be wondering/When we sing our song/At times we may be crying/And nothing's even wrong."

Craig's impromptu performance earned him a compliment from one of the best in the business.

"Whooaaaaaaaa!!" Franklin exclaimed. "Brother, you can hold a note!"

"Well, you're kind," Craig replied. "I think it might be the Zoom delay, but thank you."

Craig also posted his singing interlude on Instagram Monday night, showing off a skill people didn't know he had.

"Oh my lord a star is born," one commenter wrote.

"Saaang Craig Saaang!! 👏🙌" another wrote.

Franklin, 51, is celebrating the release of his new podcast, "Good Words with Kirk Franklin," which will feature original music as well as conversations with celebrities and activists about religion, race, politics and music.

The 16-time Grammy winner is a gospel lifer, having directed his first adult choir when he was only 11 while growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, where he still lives today. He hopes to make his podcast another avenue to share his message of faith and scripture that he has conveyed on numerous hit gospel albums over a nearly 30-year career.

"I think that there's been this aura of perfection and an elitist approach to faith that needs to be destroyed," Franklin said. "And so that we can all see ourselves as the same patient in the hospital. And sometimes, as people of faith we've communicated like we're the doctors, and everybody else is sick, instead of realizing that my hospital bed is right next to yours."

The inaugural episode of Franklin's podcast featuring superstar singer and producer Pharrell Williams was released on Tuesday on Apple Podcasts and anywhere else podcasts can be found. Franklin shared a bit of the "good words" that will be a regular part of the show.

"The reason why the rearview mirror is smaller than the front windshield is because where you're going is a lot bigger than where you've been ... good words," he said.