'Coolest guest ever' leaves TODAY gang impressed, in awe and in stitches

/ Source: TODAY

On Tuesday, TODAY kicked off Wow Me Week, and YouTube star and science buff Nick Uhas stopped by with some tricks that truly wowed us all.

In fact, the fun carried right over to Wednesday, too!

Don't try these at home, but do watch what happened when the TODAY gang tried them.

Everyone's familiar with what happens when you inhale helium — the gas, which is six times lighter than air, raises the pitch of your voice considerably. But not so many people are familiar with what sulfur hexafluoride, which is six times denser than air, does.


Willie Geist certainly didn't know what to expect when he sucked down a balloon full of it and then heard his newly baritone bellow out.


A moment later, Al Roker got in on the action and delivered his best Barry White impersonation ever.

Tamron Hall — along with anyone else watching — was doubled-over laughing at the performance. But she was soon in on the deep-voice fun, too.

Tamron's fun didn't stop there! Nick had a special pre-Halloween treat in store for her.

He rolled a jack-o'-lantern around in "poor man's liquid nitrogen," aka a mixture of rubbing alcohol and dry ice, dropping its temp down to -109 degree Fahrenheit. He then handed Tamron a bat.

Just see what happened:


"You are the coolest guest ever," Tamron raved.

We have to agree! In fact, Uhas is so cool, we had him back on the next day.

After Tuesday's vocal demonstration went viral, Uhas brought more sulfur hexafluoride-filled balloons for the anchors who missed out the first time around.

This gag never gets old!

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