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Just shake it up! Here's how astronauts get their caffeine fix (and other favorite foods) in space

Ever wondered how astronauts eat while in outer space?
/ Source: TODAY

Ever wondered how astronauts eat in space? Thanks to astronaut Jeff Williams, we now know!

While aboard the International Space Station, Williams shared with TODAY how he and his crew enjoy meals, including some of their must-haves, while away from Earth.

You don't have to worry about setting up the coffee machine in space. In fact, it’s pretty easy. The coffee comes in a sealed container with a straw attached.

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To get their caffeine fix, Williams says, they “just add hot water and shake!”

Astronauts also don't have to miss out on favorites like seasoned scrambled eggs, shrimp cocktail and apricot cobbler. These delicious foods come in dehydrated packages and are easy to prepare.

According to Williams, all they have to do is inject hot water in into the container, let it sit for 10 minutes and then it’s “Bon Appetit!”

“It’s pretty much the same on Earth,” Williams said.