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Terry Crews and Billy Crudup meet for the 1st time after learning they’re related on ‘Finding Your Roots’

Crews says he spent a "satisfying, wonderful" afternoon with the actor and his son following the DNA discovery.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes, family is found in the most unlikely places.

Actors Terry Crews and Billy Crudup recently met up for the firs time after learning they are distant relatives following Crudup's appearance on the PBS ancestry show "Finding Your Roots."

After Gates shared the discovery on the show, Crudup responded by saying the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star is one of his son's favorite actors. "When (my son) hears this, this will be by far the most exciting portion of this,” Crudup said.

Well, the long-awaited meeting finally happened. Speaking to, the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star said he visited Crudup and his son in New York City over Memorial Day weekend, calling it "one of the most satisfying, wonderful afternoons I’ve ever spent."

"The fact that we are blood relatives, to me, is a statement about what America is. It’s also a statement about humanity," Crews said. "Because we all think, you know, he’s white, I’m Black. But the reality is we are true blood relatives."

During their first meeting, the 54-year-old "America's Got Talent" host said he and Crudup spent time determining how the last name Crews is actually derived from Crudup.

While they were together, the duo also marveled over the fact that they were born 22 days apart in the same year, 1968, and that they both wound up pursing careers in entertainment.

"The whole color difference is a myth. It’s all a myth, because you’d be shocked if you found out who you were really related to, who is really your cousin down the line," Crews continued. "I think we are a true example of the misconception and breaking those misconceptions about true family and what family means. 

He added, "It was a miracle. I’m not gonna lie. It’s a true miracle."

During his own appearance on "Finding Your Roots," Crews said he learned his ancestry shows 15 percent Scottish and Irish descent, which matches up with part of Crudup's lineage.

Now that they've laid the initial groundwork, Crews said he plans to take Crudup and his son out in Los Angeles, and will visit the father-son pair whenever he's in New York.

"He’s one of the best actors that I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and to know that I’m related ... " Crews said. "This is the man from 'Almost Famous,' from 'Watchmen' and, oh, so many brilliant 'The Morning Show' ... his talent is incredible."

Crudup was similarly starstruck on "Finding Your Roots," responding, “Get out of here! Are you kidding me?”

According to Gates, he and his team found the connection when looking at an identical stretch of DNA on their 16th chromosomes.

“The evidence is inscribed on your 16th chromosome and as the brothers say on the street, ‘DNA don’t lie,’” Gates said as Crudup laughed.

The actor responded, “That’s incredible and the fact that the first (part) of his name is Crew, we’ve now got the Cru crew.”