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Tagliatelle with Ragu Modenese
STEFANO SECCHI: Tagliatelle Ragu + Kale Salad + Cacio e Pepe Salad + Pasta Pomodoro + Olive Oil Cake
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When I was working in Modena at Hosteria Giusti, I made this ragu with Laura Morandi, the nonna and rezdora (or grandmother) in residence, it was passed down from her family for generations. There is a big rivalry between Modena and Bologna that dates back generations, and food is right at the center. I'll take ragu Modenese over traditional ragu from Bologna any day.

Technique tip: If you don't have time during the day to make this, you can cook the sauce low and slow overnight in an slow cooker. Then, in the morning, you can store it in the fridge and reheat it for dinner.

Swap option: Buy fresh pasta sheets at the market and cut your own tagliatelle or spaghetti.


  • Ragu

    • Extra virgin olive oil
    • 1 small onion, minced
    • 2 carrots, peeled and minced
    • 2 celery stalks, washed and minced
    • 1 cup ground or sliced thinly prosciutto di Parma
    • 1 cup ground or sliced thinly mortadella
    • 2 cups ground pork
    • 2 Parmigiano rinds
    • Chicken stock, to cover ragu
    • 1/4 cup basic tomato sauce
    • Sea salt, to taste
  • Pasta

    • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
    • Parmigiano Reggiano
    • Tagliatelle pasta
    • Extra virgin olive oil


For the ragu:

1. In a large stock pot, under medium heat, add a nice drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Add the vegetables to the olive oil and sauté lightly.

2. Then add the prosciutto, mortadella, ground pork, chicken stock and Parmigiano rinds, and bring up to a simmer.

3. Simmer the ragu on low for 6-7 hours or until beautifully thick.

4. Add the tomato sauce and season with salt to taste.

For the pasta:

1. Have a pot of boiling salted water ready and drop the tagliatelle pasta (2 minutes for fresh, 3 minutes for frozen). Meanwhile, in a medium-sized sauté pan under medium heat, add the ragu with the butter.

2. Drain the tagliatelle and add to the ragu.

3. Toss with some pasta water, season the pasta to taste and add lots of Parmigiano to finish and olive oil.

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Chef Stefano Secchi whips up ragu Modenese

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