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Thomas Schauer
Cook Time:
5 mins
Prep Time:
15 mins

Chef notes

In Beirut, it’s not surprising to find tabbouleh on every menu. It is the classic mezze of Lebanon. On a recent trip, my team noticed that everywhere we ate, the tabbouleh served on the table looked different than the place before. Dany Abi-Najm, who was traveling with us, explained that tabbouleh can vary from town to town and from house to house. You’ll find varieties loaded with bulgur or cucumbers, or some with no tomatoes or mint. I have to agree with Clifford A. Wright, the great Mediterranean cookbook author, who describes a proper tabbouleh as “a Lebanese herb salad with bulgur, not a bulgur salad with herbs.” Freshly chopped parsley and mint, a bright squeeze of lemon, a generous dose of olive oil and just enough bulgur and tomato to hold it together is a perfect combination.

Technique tip: Be sure bulgur is fine bulgur not coarse bulgur. Different recipes call for different sizes of bulgur. Fine grains are best for mezze like tabbouleh, because they absorb more flavor and are less chewy.

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